Back from the Big Easy

Me in Black Mask IMG_cropped50p_3046  I just got back from my trip to New Orleans.     The food was amazing (as usual), tourists are crazy, and locals are super friendly.  Perfect place for a photo shot during Mardi Gras.  Even ran into some real Mardi Gras Indians.  Too cool.

Crawfish, Kingcake, Shrimp Po Boys, Beads, and Zulu Coconuts.  That isn’t even a sentence,  but that’s New Orleans.   If you have never been to New Orleans for Mardi Gras, what are you waiting for.   And its not all about drinking.   I’m not much of a drinker.  That is mainly what the 20 year olds are doing.   It is more about the electric energy of the city….the food, the Jazz and Zydeco Music.

There are not too many places where an entire city parties non-stop for weeks.

Check out my photos on my site New Orleans collection.




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