Guns and Apples

IMG_6668  They sell Guns and Apples.  Bloomkins photographer, Rosita Lee just returned from a trip to West Virginia in the Richwood city area.  The Four Seasons Outfitter and Adventure Sports sells everything from guns for the hunters, fishing equipment and tackle, and some produce (apples, lemons, vegetables and locally produced jams, jellies, molasses, maple syrup and an array of honey).  I understand from my tour guide, that the produce is usually in another section (or building), but during the winter they bring it into the outfitter and adventure store.   So hence the guns in same room as the apples.

They also sell ramps, which is a wild onion close to leeks.  An important service for hunters is dressing (I think that is the correct term… for skinning and cutting up the meat) of fresh game caught by hunters (such as deer, bear, etc.).    While I was shopping for a Richwood mug, a woman came into the store and said she had a deer that she needed cut up.   The owner, Bruce Donaldson replied, “We can do that.”

The owner also runs Donaldson’s Landscaping and Greenhouse.

You can also get your Richwood souvenirs from here, including your 2018 West Virginia Wildlife Calendar.

I did buy some items to remind me of my visit and to keep my sweet tooth satisfied with their pear and blackberry jams, pure sorghum molasses, goldenrod honey, large bottle of maple syrup in a maple leaf shaped jar (which I intend to keep for flowers as suggested by the owner), my Richwood coffee mug,  and the West Virginia Wildlife Calendar for 2018.

Below are pictures from this stop.   I think the bear and deer rugs were just for show (not for sale).   Shop owner was friendly, and merchandise was great quality and attractively displayed.  I will be back.  Four Seasons Outfitter and Adventure Sports has that general store hometown feeling.  Many of the customers seemed to be locals and used their shopping time to also catch up with their neighbors.

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Stay warm!  Its cold up there.  I’m still unthawing.



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