Garden Talk

flowers IMG_0883 (1)Being into nature photography, means I first fell in love with gardening and just being out doors.

This page is where I can talk about my current garden projects.   Also it is a place where blog followers can give their feedback about their gardening experiences (what worked and what didn’t).

UPDATE (May 8, 2016 – Mother’s Day):

Happy Mother’s Day for those of you who are mothers.

Just wanted to give an update of what I’ve been doing in my own garden, with my battle with the weeds.

This year I’ve been very busy with my personal garden.  Added Mushroom Compost to my vegetable and herb garden beds.  The soil was deprived of nutrients.

I also undertook a huge project to reduce the massive size of the area underneath my tree in the backyard where I was trying to keep mulch around my flagstone patio.  It looked good when it was first installed.  But after that was a battle trying to keep weeds and grass out of the mulch area.  This year, I finally gave in and just let the grass have that area.  I sectioned off that area with edging (using EZ-Boarder edging), to separate the area behind the tree where I needed a path that was mulched to walk back and forth from my vegetable garden around to the water faucet around the house.  The rest of that area, I am growing the grass.  I added top soil, then the shade loving fescue grass seed (specifically I used “Smart Seed  – Dense Shade” by Pennington, purchased from Ace Hardware).  Anyway, the grass is still coming in, but it is looking really good.

Also when I had my house pressure washed, I had my flagstone walkway and patio stones cleaned as well (for the first time since installed 5 years ago).  The results look unbelievable.  I guess I need to have that done every year.

Anyway, after all these changes, it should make my backyard easier and cheaper to maintain.  So soon I should stop thinking about weeding when I step outside my backdoor, and enjoy my backyard and finally just relax.  Below are some photos of my yard project as it has progressed.

flagstone before clean up_0858

stones IMG_0904wet pavement IMG_0946

final IMG_0955



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